This delicious Cork-made butter has been picked up by a supermarket giant

Slathered on toast or melted all over a baked potato, there’s something special about using the real deal, something they know all about at Ór-Real Irish Butter.

Made in Kanturk by North Cork Creameries using the traditional method of slow churning (the only addition is a touch of salt) the award-winning brand has signed a new deal with the supermarket giant Tesco, which will see the product stocked in 123 stores across the country for the first time.

The agreement with Tesco means that it is now stocked in more than 350 stores in Ireland.

“We launched Ór-Real Irish Butter in October 2021, using almost a century of experience in turning the best local milk into the highest quality butter,” said Pat Sheahan, CEO of North Cork Creameries.

“We thrive on tradition, generations of farming families have been supplying milk for our butter and we still use traditional methods but to modern standards. The quality of Ór-Real Irish Butter is reflected in the number of awards we won last year, winning gold or two stars each time we entered.”

North Cork Creameries has been making butter for almost 100 years. The farmer-owned independent cooperative was established in 1928 and now employs 120 local people directly, supporting 250 farming families in North Cork, Kerry, and Limerick.

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