Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s son makes direct appeal to public for justice & says ‘you have a murderer in Ireland’

THE son of Sophie Toscan du Plantier has made a direct appeal to the Irish public to come forward with information on his mother’s murder and declared: “You have a murderer still living in Ireland.”

Pierre Louis Baudey Vignaud, who was 15-years-old when Sophie was brutally killed in West Cork, said Ireland must put the case on trial soon.

Pierre Louis Baudey Vignaud appeared on RTE's Late Late Show


Pierre Louis Baudey Vignaud appeared on RTE’s Late Late ShowCredit: Andres Poveda
Sophie was killed in 1996


Sophie was killed in 1996Credit: PA

The battered body of 39-year-old French film producer Sophie was found outside her West Cork holiday home on December 23, 1996.

The Garda file on the case remains open and unsolved.

Speaking on RTE’s Late Late Show, Pierre Louis said a murderer is still living in Ireland and claimed that someone watching the programme could end the case.


He said: “It’s been 25  years. The truth has not arrived yet. We must end the story. For me, my mother, for Irish people. We have, you have, you, Irish people. You have a murderer still living in Ireland.

“Thanks to the very recent films of Netflix and of Jim Sheridan, there is a sort of revolt of the people. They want to know, they want a trial. They want to understand. They want answers.”

Pierre Louis said “of course” someone watching the programme will have information for the Gardai on Sophie’s murder.

He said: “I know. It’s extraordinary but when I am in West Cork in my mother’s house, all the people I met or I meet are very clear, very clear.

“But it’s a very small community and it’s not easy to say.

“But now it has been 25 years. This very little part of Ireland must find peace again.”


Making a direct appeal to the Irish public and any person who has information on the case, Pierre Louis said: “Please for me, for you, for my mother, for the justice, for all the women which are living in this country.

“We must earn with that and please call me, send me an email, go to the Gardai. But for sure, you know something.”

In 2019, a French court convicted Ian Bailey for the murder of Sophie, in absentia, and sentenced him to 25 years.

He has never been charged in connection with the case in Ireland and has consistently proclaimed his innocence.


The Irish High Court has refused to order Bailey to travel to France for a trial.

Last week while visiting Ireland, French President Emmanuel Macron said if Bailey agreed to come to France, a new trial could be organised.

Pierre Louis said: “The verdict in France was very powerful because they said Ian Bailey is guilty and must go to jail for 25 years. It’s not ten years, it’s not five years.”

He continued: “I’m not saying that he is guilty. The French said he is guilty. When you see all the files, I really think that Ireland must go to a trial soon. The elements of the files are unambiguous.”

Pierre was 15-years-old when his mother was killed


Pierre was 15-years-old when his mother was killedCredit: Andres Poveda

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