Meet Irish dance group Cairde taking TikTok by storm as they hit 1 million followers

AN Irish dancing group called Cairde has taken the popular social media app TikTok by storm as they surpass one million followers.

The group, made up of six lads, have been posting unique Irish dance videos on TikTok to some popular music.

Cairde is made up of six boys all from the west of Ireland


Cairde is made up of six boys all from the west of IrelandCredit: Instagram
The group have now reached one million followers on TikTok


The group have now reached one million followers on TikTokCredit: Instagram

They have raked in over 13.4 million likes on the app and their most popular video has over 50 million views.

The group decided to get together after lockdown to make a number of dance videos together as the’re Leaving Cert had been cancelled.

Two of the members Ronan O’Connell and Dara Kelly appeared on RTE Radio 1 to chat with Ray D’Arcy about their time on TikTok.

They also revealed that they had just received their Leaving Cert results and they both were very happy.


Ronan said on the radio about his results: “Very happy now. I think I have the points I need for my course so I’m happy out.”

While Dara also said: “Absolutely delighted I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and hopefully I get my course now. “

The pair also spoke about how their group was formed and they explained that they had been dancing together for years.

Dara explained: “So Cairde, we are basically a group of young male Irish dancers from the west of Ireland that we have competed with and against each other through competitions.


“We met up together at the Fleadh two years ago and we started dancing on the street and we said to ourselves, ‘Do you know what, we’re actually really enjoying this is great fun?

“Then just after lockdown finished, the day the restrictions were eased we actually decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Clare and meet up with the three Clare lads in the group.”

While they were on their spontaneous staycation they decided to record some videos together and things took off from there.

Dara continued: “We decided to make lots of Irish dance videos on TikTok and thankful as of today we have just hit a million followers, so it’s absolutely amazing.”

Ray quizzed the lads on what they think helped them to be so successful and they explained that people like their twist on Irish dancing.

Ronan said: “I think the mainstream music helps a lot because people would be expecting the likes of Riverdance music to be going with Irish dancing.


“So seeing something totally different to mainstream music definitely attracts a crowd.”

While Cairde has amassed a massive following on social media they revealed in their chat they they don’t make any money from their videos.

Ronan said: “We were a little bit unlucky.

“They recently announced the TikTok Creator Fund but they didn’t actually include Ireland in it.

“So at the moment we’re not actually making any money from the videos so we’re trying to figure out other ways of making money and hopefully we’ll be collaborating with some other businesses.”

Dara also revealed that his love for dancing is in his genes as he explained that his mother and father toured with Riverdance for years.

He also explained that he had been born on tour and that he would to be able to take part in the dance show himself.

The dancer explained: “I suppose both of my parents Maureen and Chris they were on road with Riverdance for many years and I was actually born on tour myself.

“I would personally love to go on tour with a dance show like Riverdance or Lord of The Dance or even our own show Cairde in the future.”

Cairde making Irish dance videos to modern songs


Cairde making Irish dance videos to modern songsCredit: Tik Tok

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