Man captures video of ‘mini tornado’ on cloudy day in Cork

THE weather phenomenon of a “mini tornado” has been spotted and filmed in Co Cork.

One Irishman captured footage of the strange weather event that appears to show a dark twister forming in the sky on Thursday.

The video was captured in Blarney, Co Cork


The video was captured in Blarney, Co CorkCredit: Ruairi Twomey

The video was captured in Blarney, Co Cork and the clip is doing the rounds on social media, with many people questioning what was going on with the weather.

Alan Reilly from Carlow Weather explained the unusual sight, saying the twister is in fact a funnel cloud if it doesn’t make contact with the ground.

If it does make contact, then it is considered a tornado.


Irishman Ruairi Twomey recorded the sight from his office window and told CorkBeo that he was stunned at the sight.

He said: “It was a surprise to see alright. You could see it forming quite faintly in the distance and then it really took its shape.

“It’s actually pretty large considering the distance I was looking at it from.”


Meanwhile, Met Eireann have predicted a dull and overcast Friday, with mist and low cloud lingering in hilly areas and along coasts.

Some bright spells will develop during the day, but overall it will remain generally cloudy with temperature highs remaining between 17C to 21C.

Friday night will remain cloudy overnight with scattered light showers.

Met Eireann added that some patches of mist and fog will develop, with clearer and slightly cooler weather extending from the Atlantic towards dawn on Saturday.

Lowest temperatures are set between 10C to 14C throughout the night.


Met Eireann said Saturday looks set to be a fresh day with a mix of cloud and bright spells.

They added: “There’ll be some showers about, chiefly affecting parts of Ulster but the odd shower cannot be ruled out elsewhere.

“Highest temperatures will range 15C to 18C, coolest in the northwest of the country with a moderate west to northwest breeze.”

Saturday night will be largely dry across most of the country with the exception of a few isolated showers.

Later in the night, there is the chance of some rain developing along the south coast as minimum temperatures will range between 9C to 12C.

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