Lisa Jordan reveals she was ‘scared’ after being rushed to hospital with ‘mangled’ appendix

IRISH influencer Lisa Jordan has revealed she was “scared” after being rushed to hospital with a “mangled” appendix.

The mum-of-three said she had “never been more scared” in her life after hospital staff did an ultrasound on her ovaries.

Lisa revealed she had a burst appendix


Lisa revealed she had a burst appendixCredit: instagram
The influencer said getting the ultrasound on her ovaries was the most scary thing of all


The influencer said getting the ultrasound on her ovaries was the most scary thing of allCredit: instagram

The 35-year-old took to her Instagram to explain how she ended up in hospital.

The explanatory videos came after she posted a photo on her arm hooked up to an IV, which said: “Such a scary few days. I am on the mend thankfully”.

Lisa said: “So basically, Sunday, I started feeling really bad pains but I had them before so I was like, ‘Ah no it’ll be grand, take a paracetamol’, and I did and I was fine.

“Monday I was fine, Tuesday then it just started to swell a little bit, it was sore, and I was like, ‘Oh I don’t know about this now this doesn’t seem like it has before’.

“Bar this, I had no symptoms like vomiting or lack of appetite. Then last night I said, ‘Right, I’m going to have to get it checked’, so got it checked anyway later in the day and got CT, two ultrasounds, I got an ultrasound on my ovaries and I was in a panic because I thought I had something to do with the ovaries.”


The Cork native said she was “up and down” as she revealed her diagnosis to her fans.

She continued: “Late last night everything kicked off, I ended up having to go in for emergency surgery on my appendix, it had burst, it was mangled, it was highly inflamed and infected.

“So that was it. But I had no other symptoms to indicate it was that you know, so it’s just been a mad few days. One side of me was like, ‘Ah you’re grand, it’s fine’, and the next minute I think, ‘Maybe there could be something sinister here’.

“Yeah, so my appendix is gone! I have no appendix now. But I’m feeling better.”


The influencer said that she never suspected her appendix had burst in the days leading up to her hospitalisation.

She said she was “grand mentally” until the ultrasound on her ovaries.

She recounted: “Yesterday evening when they did the ultrasound on my ovaries that’s when things started to get scary because all I could think about was my kids and the girl doing it was like, ‘I’m just going to call somebody’, but eventually that was clear thank god!

“I have never been more scared in my life!”

Lisa said she felt “lucky” that it was her appendix and not something more serious.


Admitting that she missed her kids, she added: “Apparently you heal really quick from this, so that’s good!

“I miss my kids though and my husband, wish they could come visit me, it’s so typical like same when I had the baby, no one could visit me, but look obviously that’s the way it is.”

Lisa welcomed her third child “a month sooner than expected” back in August.

She left her fans “bawling” as she shared the sweetest video of her two daughters meeting their brother for the first time.

Lisa and her husband share daughters Pearl and Bowie and son AJ.

She brought AJ to meet his sisters in the sitting room and the two girls were delighted to see him as they couldn’t stop smiling.

Pearl and Bowie then helped to put a blanket around Aj and when Lisa held him in her arms the pair came over to give him a hug.

Lisa assured fans she's on the mend


Lisa assured fans she’s on the mendCredit: instagram

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