Gardai investigating a second alleged racist attack as two Chinese men assaulted by teens after being taunted over Covid

GARDAI are investigating a second alleged racist attack as two Chinese men were assaulted by teens who accused the men of spreading the Coronavirus.

This comes after a probe was launched into an incident along Dublin’s Royal Canal where a Chinese woman was pushed into the water by a group of young thugs after she was allegedly verbally abused by them.

Martin Hong shows injuries


Martin Hong shows injuriesCredit: RTE
Woman pushed into canal


Woman pushed into canal

The victims, Martin Hong and Arthur Ma, both in their early 20s, were assaulted by three youths in Co Cork after they called them out for making racist remarks.

Both men required hospitalisation for minor cuts, bruises and a broken tooth.

The incident occurred when the pair were walking along Pearse Road in Ballyphehane on the southside of Cork city at about 8pm on August 8th.

Martin told how he and his friend were verbally abused on their way to do some grocery shopping before being attacked.

Speaking on RTE Radio’s News at One, he said: “On the way, we heard some people talking about the Chinese virus as we were walking in their direction.


“They were making fun of us but when we asked them to repeat what they were saying, they laughed at us and made fun of us. They also raised their middle finger towards us.”

Martin said when his pal began to record the incident on his phone the teens began accusing them of insulting Ireland.

He explained: “My friend tried to film it because we did not want to get into any physical contact with them. We asked them to repeat what they said.

“They said we were racist and were saying bad things about Ireland, and they were also saying Black Lives Matter — I don’t even know why they were talking about that. They tried to portray themselves as the victims.

“I stepped forward to try to reason with them and one of them just punched me.

“Both of my eyes got very severely bruised. I got punched in the eye and the nose, my nose was bleeding.


“I lost one of my teeth and I lost consciousness for one or two minutes. I was knocked on the ground and passed out.”

Martin said another member of the group attacked his friend before “a very nice old lady walking by called the police and the police took us to hospital”.

The attack left Martin reluctant to leave his home, saying: “It happened around my home so I don’t dare to go out from my home.

“Before now, all the racial things were verbal — this is the first time I got physically attacked.”

Gardai are treating the incident as a racially-motivated attack and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

A spokesman said: “Gardai in Togher are investigating the alleged assault of two men in their 20s (both Chinese Nationals) in an incident involving a number of male youths at Pearse Road, Ballyphehane, Cork shortly before 8pm on the Saturday, 8th August 2020.

“It’s understood the two were verbally abused before being physically assaulted. Both were taken to Cork University Hospital.”

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