Gardai break up gathering of more than 100 people in shed in popular tourist town in Cork

GARDAI broke up a gathering of more than 100 people that took place in a large shed near a popular tourist town last night.

A team of officers raided the shed in Blarney, Co Cork around 11pm and ordered that the party be shut down immediately.

Gardai broke up a gathering of more than 100 people that took place in a large shed


Gardai broke up a gathering of more than 100 people that took place in a large shedCredit: PA:Press Association

According to sources, the large crowd dispersed without incident but a number of names were taken and a file on the matter will be prepared.

It’s understood gardai were notified by local people in the area who heard noise, music and partying coming from the large building.

A short blurred video on social media showed people packed into the building with flashing light, music and dancing.

Those attending were mainly under 25s and many in their late teens.


Very few were wearing masks or complying with safe distancing regulations.

Those attending were told that under Covid-19 public health restrictions, they were breaking the law and to leave.

It’s understood a number of those in attendance were not from the immediate locality and were from outside the 5K travel zone, which is another breach of the current health regulations introduced by the Government in an effort to stem the spiralling record number of cases of Covid in the country.


Gardai did not arrest anyone on the night but it’s understood they took names and will be preparing files for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A local said: “What happened was an absolute disgrace particularly as Cork has one of the highest per capita rates of Covid-19 in Ireland.

“We see the massive pressure our nurses and doctors are under trying to cope with so many patients presenting with coronavirus

“We know people are missing socialising and meeting up with friends but it’s not just young people who are suffering and last night’s carry on was disgraceful”.


More than 100 nurses have had to stop working in the hospital because of being struck down by the virus, or being exposed to someone who has tested positive.

Cork University Hospital is considering triggering emergency response measures to the pandemic because of the numbers presenting at the hospital and the numbers already admitted there.

This latest incident follows another Garda operation in the city Cork where a number of people were found playing cards inside a locked licensed premises.

The pub believed to be on the Northside of the city was not serving food to patrons who were packed in there with little social distancing or masks.

Once again it was a member of the public who contacted after hearing noise coming from the supposedly locked down wet pub.

A Garda spokesperson confirmed that there had been an incident in Blarney stating: “On January 7 at around 11pm, Gardaí attended an incident in Blarney where a large gathering in excess of 100 people was taking place in a shed.

“Gardai intervened and stopped the event and the gathered crowd was dispersed without any public order incidents.

“The Health Act 1947 (Section 31A-Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) (No.10) Regulations 2020, as amended, are currently in force.“An investigation under The Health Act 1947 has commenced in respect of the organisation and attendance by persons at this event and a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“Personal social responsibility, wearing of face coverings and social distancing are public health guidelines and should be followed by all individuals.

“The Covid-19 Pandemic remains a public health crisis and An Garda Siochana continues to appeal to all citizens to demonstrate personal and social responsibility to comply with Public Health Guidelines and Regulations, in order to continue to save lives.”

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