Drunk who refused to leave woman in wheelchair alone in Cork thought he was being ‘Good Samaritan’, court hears

A DRUNK, who “aggressively” pushed a woman in a wheelchair across a busy road, refused to leave her alone when she asked him to because he thought he was being a “Good Samaritan”, a court was told.

The ordeal for the vulnerable woman only ended when she managed to type a message for help on her phone which she gave to staff in a shop saying: “He followed me to the shop.”

Cork District Court heard today that Saveljevs got verbally aggressive with men in the shop


Cork District Court heard today that Saveljevs got verbally aggressive with men in the shop

Cork District Court heard that Pavels Saveljevs then got verbally aggressive with the men in the shop, who assisted the disabled woman on reading the message.

Judge Olann Kelleher was told that gardai were called to the scene of the incident in the Douglas Street area of Cork city at around 10pm on January 13 last.


Sgt John Kelleher said the lady in a wheelchair had been approached by a man who pushed her wheelchair along, making her feel very uncomfortable.

The woman said in her statement she was approached by a man she did not know.

She stated: “He aggressively pushed my chair across the road.“He asked me what I was doing and I said I was getting my stuff for my lunch.

“He asked where I was going. I said Aldi. He said Aldi would be closed. I asked him to leave me alone, he replied, no.”

The woman, whose age wasn’t disclosed, said that the man kept pushing her around in her wheelchair.She managed to get away from him and into a local shop where he again appeared.


She was afraid and hesitated about telling the shop worker about what was going on with the man.

She instead decided to type out a text on her phone which she handed to the cashier. It read: “He followed me to the shop.”

The employee and two men who were present rushed to the assistance of the woman when they became aware of her predicament.The court heard that drunken Saveljevs, who is in his 30s, became abusive to the men.

Saveljevs pleaded guilty to being intoxicated to such an extent that he was a source of danger and to engaging in threatening behaviour in court.

Defending lawyer Joe Cuddigan said his client in his drunken state thought that he was being a “Good Samaritan”.

But he said clearly that this was not how his actions were perceived by the injured party.

Judge Kelleher remarked that the woman was “so afraid she had to type up a message so that he would not hear her”.

Sentencing was adjourned until July 7 to allow the defendant, who has an address at the Simon Community, to take up residential treatment for alcohol abuse.

He is currently abstaining from alcohol and is on a path to recovery.

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