Couple whose 22-month-old son died of rare cancer donate fleet of toy Garda cars for sick children

A COUPLE whose little boy died from cancer aged 22 months have donated a fleet of toy Garda cars for sick children.

Twins Tyler and Scott Ryan were born on May 22, 2017.

Tyler passed away in March 2019


Tyler passed away in March 2019

In early 2018, Tyler was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ectmesenchymoma.

Tyler passed away surrounded by family in the care of Marymount Hospice in Cork city in March 2019.

Margo said  her “lion” of a child took cancer in his stride.

She said: “Tyler was so brave and strong and such a happy little boy with big blue eyes and beautiful blond hair.

“He was so kind-hearted and lovable and loved his hugs and kisses.

“We created lots of memories with Tyler and we brought forward his and Scott’s second birthday so that they could celebrate together, while still hoping that Tyler would be there for his real second birthday. 

“We scoured the earth and took our search for treatment worldwide.”

Margo is devastated that childhood cancer stole their little boy from his parents and his siblings Scott and Lilly Kate. 


She said: “Towards the end Tyler looked perfect. He had all his hair.

“His weight was up and we had so much hope that he would get the chance he deserved.

“He outshone this horrible disease and fought so hard to stay with us. He smiled through everything. 

“We held him tightly on his last night with us, telling him how much we loved him.

“He looked up at us, it was like he was saying goodbye. We told our brave boy that we were proud of him and that his nana was waiting for him and that we were sorry we couldn’t save him. 

“Tyler gained his wings in our arms listening to his favourite music.

“As a parent, hopelessly watching your son taking his last breath will never leave you.  

“We thought that the diagnosis was the worst part. It is no comparison to putting your child in a coffin.” 

Parents Margo and Stephen, from Charleville, Co Cork, decided to fundraise for the Little Blue Heroes programme, with their efforts funding a batch of mini Garda cars for sick children around the country.

Little Blue Heroes is a not-for-profit charity established by Garda staff which aims to support those who have children undergoing long-term treatment for serious illness.

Margo said: “Little Blue Heroes mean so much to us. We know how hard it is to have an ill child.

“They are extra special. These beautiful kids deserve happiness and it makes us proud to keep Tyler’s memory alive.”

In 2018, Tyler became a Little Blue Hero and had a Garda guard of honour at his funeral.

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