Cork pub transforms itself into co-locating workspace after Covid-19 restrictions force bar to close

A BAR has reopened under restrictions by completely changing their business.

The Crossroads Bar in Buttevant in Cork has been forced to close like pubs across the country due to Covid-19.

The Crossroads bar in Cork has swapped drinks for digital


The Crossroads bar in Cork has swapped drinks for digitalCredit: The Crossroads Bistro Bar Facebook
Some of the office-like areas for those who choose to work there instead of at home


Some of the office-like areas for those who choose to work there instead of at homeCredit: Crossroads Bistrol Bar Facebook

But owner John Buckley came up with a new way to keep doors open and money coming in – by transforming the pub to a co-locating workspace.

The bar has been open since 1904, and John took it over in 2007.

And he had to come up with outside thinking so that they wouldn’t have to close completely.

He said: “We’ve five co-working spaces here at the moment which we intend to expand.

“We’ve redecorated the place really but I think we’ve kept the atmosphere, the Crossroads here is a very sociable place to be. It’s a good working atmosphere and it’s a unique working space.”


He told Cork’s C103 Today Show that it is helping those in rural areas who are struggling to work at home. 

The beer taps are now gone and replaced by laptop docks. 

He said it is a “unique working atmosphere,” and they have fibre optic broadband, which some people may not have in rural areas. 

And he said it does not have to be businesses who use the space, as it would work for students trying to study or attend classes as well.

He added: “A start-up business (would be ideal) or maybe someone because of the current conditions has to work from home and maybe because of broadband issues or space it mightn’t be ideal for them to work at home.

“And we also have an opportunity for college students, we have some counter spaces that would be cost effective for them.”


John is working from there, alongside three new clients and said it has helped with motivation, which can be hard at home. 

And he said it has moved the area into the future.

John continued: “I think with Covid, it brought a lot of things to a head and maybe stuff like this wouldn’t have happened for a few years, maybe 10 years, but i think people have been forced into looking at different options, definitely think its an option for premises that are derelict at the moment.”

But he said he “would love” the Crossroads to some day reopen as a bar.

Cork, Ireland – The Sun